Meet The OBCommittee!


Melissa Watterson 

Age: 37
Husband: Dustin
Kids: Avery (11), Mason (9), Lincoln (7), Madelyn (5), Maxxum (3)

1.) I grew up in Akron and moved to Oakfield where my husband grew up.
2.) Bachelor Degree from Canisius College
3.) As a family we have so enjoyed the yearly Labor Day celebration our small town offered.  Living so closely to the event we witnessed first hand the hours upon hours volunteers selflessly gave to make it the homegrown tradition it once was.  My husband and I promised each other once we were at the point where our kids were a little older we would contribute to something we had been enjoying for the past several years!
4.) Bettering Oakfield is so important to my husband and I!  We have high hopes our five children will stay local and raise families here! We would love for them to enjoy this beautiful little town as much as we do!
5.) A few of my favorite things about Oakfield are:

  • The Elementary school –   It has been a fantastic experience for my three oldest boys thus far and my daughter is so eager to attend kindergarten next year!  I cannot speak highly enough of the staff at the Elementary building, we would never move out of the district!
  • The Oakfield Alabama Little League  – My husband is actively involved, as four of our children currently play.  We love baseball and our little, so naturally this is one of our favorites!
  • Haxton Memorial Library – My kids absolutely love our library!  The librarians (past and present) have been amazing!  The kids space located downstairs is perfect and away from the adult section so they can enjoy the space without fear of disrupting others.

Tera Williams-Caraballo

Daughters, Rosa and Sierra Caraballo (ages 16 & 14)
Year 2000 graduate of Oakfield-Alabama
Raised in Oakfield, moved to West Coast for about 5 Years, moved back(resident of Oakfield for almost 25 years)
Active in Coaching- titan Cheerleaders for 3 years-2 yrs 1st place trophies!

  • Little League Softball- 3 years
  • Tball-2 years
  • Modified Hornet Softball-1year
  • Modified Hornet Basketball-1year

Still plays softball in Oakfield for about 10 years now
Works at SCP Distributor in Batavia
Hairstylist on the side for about 18years.

Ritchie Kirkum

Age: 38
Family: Wife Jennifer, 11 year old daughter Ryleigh, 9 year old son Colin.

Life: I graduated from OACS in 1998. I left for college in Pennsylvania and came back to Genesee Community College. While in my early 20’s I lived in East Pembroke but it never felt like home.  Jennifer and I were married in 2006 and later that fall discovered we had a baby on the way.  We were fortunate enough to be able to remodel a home that has been in our family for years which was my Great-Grandmothers house in Oakfield… and the same home I lived in growing up.  We settled there after the remodel and grew our family when we had our son Colin.

Career: I have been in the Sales & Marketing Department of Darien Lake for 10 years.  I am currently the Corporate Event Sales Rep for Rochester, Syracuse and local counties. When I’m not working, I’m working out, watching movies and of course driving my daughter to dance, cheer-leading & softball and traveling like crazy with my son’s travel hockey team.

What prompted me to join the Oakfield Betterment Committee?
I love Oakfield. I have such amazing memories of Labor Daze as a kid. Circling Triangle Park over and over again. Dancing in the streets, meeting up with friends. It never felt the same after it left Triangle Park.  A few months before Labor Day 2017, Jamie Lindsley approached me about joining and mentioned the want, and more importantly the need to move it back to Triangle Park. Our committee worked hard to put together a one day event in 2017 with the goal of returning to Triangle Park in 2018 with a 3 day event.  I want my children to grow up with the same experiences in Oakfield that I did, which includes Labor Daze, but also new things like Christmas in Oakfield, Halloween & Thanksgiving activities.  As a committee, we want to build the Oakfield Betterment Committee back up to a point that we can contribute something to Oakfield, and make the originators of OBC proud.

My Favorite Thing About Oakfield?
It’s home. I know a lot of people have a disdain for their hometown, and not leaving.  Not me. I love it here and I love raising my family in this small town.