2018 Oakfield Labor Daze Schedule of Events

Oakfield at Triangle Park in the center of Oakfield on Saturday, September 1st to Monday, September 3rd. This celebration is a family-oriented festival with many fun-filled, alcohol-free events.

As you are aware, local community gatherings and carnivals are disappearing due to restrictive laws, lack of funding, and difficulty maintaining a volunteer base. The Oakfield Betterment Committee is dedicated to making sure that our local event continues to be a tradition for our town. In fact, we are proud of the fact that we are expanding the celebration as well as the volunteer base. The 2018 celebration will consist of first-rate live entertainment, children’s activities, car show, parade, fireworks, arts & crafts vendors, and food vendors.

Non-profit groups from Oakfield and surrounding areas are invited to operate food and beverage stands and various games other fundraisers at the event free of charge, making this celebration an important part of our local nonprofit organizations’ fundraising.

2018 Sponsorship Letter

**Special thanks to both the Village and the Town of Oakfield and all of the officials who helped make Labor Daze in Triangle Park a reality**